ShadowPlank- NEW PRODUCT!!

Hey there, AuriAnna here. I’m super excited to reveal our new product launch! We call it ShadowPlank; it’s a shiplap product that’s similar to barn wood or beadboard, but SO MUCH BETTER! Our product is very versatile, and you’re able to utilize it in so many different ways.

ShadowPlank has the authentic, rugged look of barn wood, but is smooth to the touch. It comes in three varieties: Select, Character, and Distressed. Along with the 3 varieties, we also offer you a choice to select from 3 wood colors.


Select                                   Character                                   Distressed

After you’ve selected the color and variety that fits your home, you can add accessories, such as hooks and baskets that allow you to hang picture frames, mirrors, clocks, wreaths, baskets and much more! I’ve used my basket to hold mail, but you can use it for your blankets, magazines, books and the best part is you can move the hooks without any damage or hassle. No more pounding nails into your walls and making sure the spacing is right or that the frame is level. These hooks allow you to move and rearrange your decorations without the headache of pounding nails and patching holes.

Another pro to our product is being able to dust or wipe these boards without snagging your cloth on rough edges. This product will be the talk of the town and the centerpiece of your home. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Call us at (952) 999-0160, or visit us on our Facebook page Rugged Inc. for more photos.

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