What is your “GarageRoom” Experience?

The family “GarageROOM” is a great space for working on projects, storing seasonal goods, keeping larger adult and children’s toys, and housing sporting equipment. But often this space is so overrun with those things that you mean to get to at some point and just never seem to have the time. The big question is, “where do I start?”
We would like to ask you, “How do you envision yourself using the space? Check all that apply”

__ Car parking/maintenance
__ Household storage
__ Workshop
__ Kids’ play area
__ Man cave or Woman retreat
__ Gardening and potting
__ Laundry
__ Gym/fitness
__ Office
__ Craft/hobby space
__ Entertaining
__ Private retreat
__ Other:

Do you want the space to be decorative, functional or both?

If you’ll be parking cars, how many?

What do you plan to store?

__ Household goods (e.g. cleaning supplies)
__ Bulk purchases from warehouse stores
__ Tools
__ Lawn and garden equipment
__ Sports and fitness equipment
__ Holiday decorations
__ Kids’ toys and gear
__Etc., Etc., Etc.,

It can be very overwhelming! Have no fear, our Rugged Inc Design Specialists will meet with you to design a custom garage with storage and style options. Our goal is to accomodate your needs, all while adding true VALUE to your home. Call us today; one of our team members will meet with you in the comfort of your own home to implement a design that will fit your needs and budget.
Phone: 952-999-0160

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